Where do I Start?

Choosing Your Land

Choosing the perfect building site for your log home is an important first step in the building process. The contour of your land, the views and the topography of the land should all be taken into consideration to ensure that your dream home gets built in your dream location.

The best way to envision your special one-of-a kind log or timber home is for you to meet with us and walk your building site.

Sloped or steep building sites will often  require outside consultants such as geotechnical engineers to better evaluate your building site. A proper site evaluation will eliminate many unexpected expenses in the future.

You will also need to determine whether or not your site falls under any special jurisdictions such as homeowner's associations, forestry departments, zoning agencies, health departments and building inspection departments.

Knowing the jurisdiction and the building code in your area will assist us in making your project a success while saving you both time and money.

Designing a Floor Plan

Once you have chosen the perfect building site for your log home, you will have to choose the right floor plan.

If you already have a floor plan in mind, we will be glad to quote construction costs based on your plan.

If you do not already have a floor plan in mind and need assistance, we can help. We have an entire gallery of existing beautiful log cabin floor plans that you can browse through and choose from or you may prefer that our design team work with you to customize and design a conceptual plan to suit your individual needs and living requirements.

Selecting a Log Home Kit

There are many great log home manufacturers who offer a wide variety of log species, corner profiles and interior options.

Our staff can assist you in selecting a log home package that will meet your living requirements as well as your budget. Log home kits generally run between $25.00 and $50.00 per square foot depending on your specifications.



Creating a Budget

Log Homes are a lot more than just logs. Future homeowners may have a difficult time in determining the ultimate cost of a log home when trying to sort out estimates on log home packages and kits.

Every manufacturer produces and supplies packages differently. Some will cost more and some less.

We believe in a cost-conscious approach to help you bring your log home within budget. Once you have decided on floor plan you like, you can begin developing a budget.

You will  need to decide all the amenities that you want in your home.  A room-by-room list is a good way to begin. For example, would you prefer wood ceilings and/or walls? Would you like a fireplace or hardwood flooring? What kind of kitchen cabinets do you envision? Making decisions such as these early on will help us in developing a budget that will suit your requirements.

Understanding the estimated cost of your home will give you confidence in the real feasibility of your project. Do-it-yourself clients can usually build a log home for between $75.00 and $95.00 per square foot.  A good quality log home built by a professional will run approximately $125.00 to $175.00 per square foot.

Timber frame homes generally begin at approximately $175.00 per square foot and go up from there. Custom handcrafted log homes will usually start at $200.00 per square foot. Of course your budget will always be determined by your selections.

Stacking of Logs

If you are using a local contractor or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, our log-stacking option may be right for you! Our skilled log crew will stack the logs for you.

We will also cut out exterior window and door openings. Our crew will pre-drill your log walls for electrical wiring when we stack your logs.

Dry- in Log Home Shell

Our dry-in services are perfect for the homeowner who wants to get their home completed to the dry-in stage. Our dry-in services include preparing your log home package completely to be dry to the outside elements.

We will construct the floor systems, framing, log walls, windows, doors and construct the roof system. At this point the home is ready for you begin electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Turn-Key Construction

In addition to constructing the log home shell, many other items will be included in construction cost for our turn-key option. Items that would be included are:

Foundation Roofing Well
Stone Work Appliances Septic
Electrical Insulation Grading
Plumbing Drywall Excavation
HVAC Cabinets Driveway
Fireplace Countertops Staining and Chinking


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